From Finland, Bike-Car - Kinner Car

 New Mobility Innovation

                                    Source:  Kinner Car

Velomobiles from Finland 

Forms of micromobility are booming in big cities around the world with ebikes and escooters leading the way. The latest entry is the Kinner Car invented in Finland.  It's a hybrid bike and car that moves by human pedal power with a boost from an electric motor assist. Technically, Kinner Car is a velomobile or recumbent bike, a form of travel that dates back to the 1940's. The name Kinner is derived from the Finnish term Kinneri, meaning velomobile.  Soon to be delivered to customers in late spring 2022, it is still being tweaked by Finnish guitar designer and classic car restorer Ari Jukka Luomaranta, who is the inventor.

New Mobility

This technology is highly innovative and is getting some rave reviews from experts.  You turn the bike on by using an app on your mobile phone.  It fits two passengers and can carry luggage under its hood.  The electric motor can maintain speed for the rider.  It generates zero emissions.  And by pedaling, you get exercise during your ride.  In Europe, it is legally classified as an electric assist bike.  It has a lightweight design, a composite chassis and road bike wheels.

Bike Tech

Kinner Car comes with an integrated sportswatch, an antitheft system and navigation technology with the option for customized mirrors, windscreen, blinkers and lights.  The price is $17,448 and deliveries start in April.  It's 112" long and 39" wide.  Luomaranta has plans to develop two more models:  a lighter version with no motor and a model without pedals that is fully electric powered. It's a brand-new vehicle for green travel.  


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