DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist



                 By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane


                                    Source:  Orly Airport & Stock

  • France just signed a controversial and aggressive Climate Change remediation law that bans short-haul regional flights that can be completed in 2&1/2 hours on a train
  • So far 3 routes have been discontinued:  Paris/Orly Airport to Bordeaux, Lyons & Nates
  • The European Union is part of the lower emissions move & they required that rail service to the destination in 2&1/2 hours is available to substitute for the flight & that there are enough early & late running train runs to allow the passengers to stay at their destination for 8 hours & get back
  • The 3 air routes affected so far represent 3% of France's airplane emissions
  • This bold move by France is a first step and has limited impact but it is a harbinger of bolder, innovative steps to come 
  • Europe is pushing rail travel because the greenhouse gas emissions are considerably less than that from planes
  • A number of European countries are considering curbs & bans on short-haul commercial flights 
  • A recent survey found that 62% of Europeans support bans on short term flights to help remedy greenhouse gas emissions
  • This is an important CC trend developing in Europe to use innovative & controversial travel solutions to curb greenhouse gas emissions. 


                                             Source:  Caterham                                                   

  • UK automaker Caterham just unveiled its first electric car concept called the Caterham EV Seven
  • It is so refreshingly different that it's taking the automotive world by storm
  • Experts say this retro beauty could be the lightweight sports car of the future
  • Powered by a 51-kWh battery pack with a big 40-kWh usable by the driver, who will likely spend time on the race track
  • Single electric motor with 240 hp & 180 lb-ft of torque, which should be powerful as the EV only weighs 1,540 pounds
  • Accelerates 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds
  • Takes only 15 minutes to top off the battery
  • This EV fascinates the automotive community so we will watch for updates on where Caterham takes this concept.


                                    Source:  NASA & Dr. Nolan

  • A distinguished Stanford University Professor Dr. Garry Nolan told a conference "The Pentagon, ET & Crashed UFO'S" in NYC last week that he believes aliens have visited and are now on Earth
  • Dr. Nolan has consulted to the CIA and has been nominated for the Nobel Prize
  • His expertise is immunology & pathology and he has a special interest in UFO research
  • He says that he is 100% sure that aliens are here on Earth and likens the situation to South American tribes spotting Spanish ships but lacking the intelligence to know what they are
  • Thought you'd like to know & wonder what you think?

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