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By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane


                                         Source: U of D & Stock

  • Researchers at the University of Delaware are developing urban land designs and uses to protect people from the severe weather being generated by Climate Change.  Here are some key facts:
  • Severe weather including excessive heat and flooding is becoming more frequent with increasing intensity
  • Urban areas, where most people live, are not built to handle it
  • The researchers found that well designed urban land patterns can protect people
  • They found that building dispersal, rather than density, can protect people more than the size of the city they're living in
  • They found that urban land patterns can make a difference even if Climate Chane worsens
  • Both small and large cities can greatly benefit and greatly protect their populations by better handling of land development
  • The research team is now working on specific land development patterns for maximum effectiveness. 


                                            Source:  Honda

  • An accelerating car buying trend is developing with consumers hedging their green-electric preferences by going hybrid.  For both Toyota and Ford, hybrid vehicle sales increased 41% in Q3 2023. Now, Honda is capitalizing on it with its new Honda Prelude concept.  Prelude is re-emerging as a hybrid, petite coupe.  Here are the key facts:
  • A 2-door, sporty sports car with good looks, the new Honda Prelude is ready to go into production
  • Compact-sized with a large diffuser in the back along with a spoiler
  • Hybrid electric to reduce carbon imprint
  • Industry experts predict it will be front wheel drive
  • Honda hasn't disclosed powertrain details
  • Honda CEO & President Toshihiro Mibe has said the new Prelude is already in development and he hopes to bring it to market in the mid-2020's
  • Honda is calling it the "prelude to all the electric vehicles Honda is going to be launching".


                           Source: China Academy of Science

  • China leads the world in solar energy and now Chinese scientists have created a breakthrough Stirling generator, while a US patent for a similar power generating system appears to be gathering dust.  Here's what we know:
  • The system is a highly efficient energy generator powered by heat
  • Called a thermoacoustic Stirling generator
  • Generator combines with a linear motor to generate electricity from sound waves
  • Power system is quiet and very efficient
  • Designed for optimum use in space and submarines
  • Chinese prototype is a milestone for this emerging technology
  • NASA has a patent for a similar system but hasn't revealed a prototype or any metrics
  • Chinese system delivered a record-breaking 102 kw of power from a heat source of 986-degrees F, which is considered a milestone for practical uses.
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