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Hydrogen Tuk Tuk - World's 1st H2 3-Wheeler

  New Zero Emissions Mode of Transportation                                       Source: Biliti & Other Tuk Tuks Roots Date Back to Rickshaws Los Angeles-based startup Biliti just unveiled what's being called the world's first, hydrogen powered Tuk Tuk or trike.  Tuk Tuks are common means of passenger transportation in Thailand and India.  The three-wheeled vehicles serve as taxies.  Their heritage dates back to Japan's rickshaws.  The new, hydrogen fuel cell powered Tuk Tuk is called FastMile.  The company says it has a 130-mile range on a charge and can be refueled in just 3 minutes.  Biliti is a fast growth electric mobility company founded in 2021 and known for its compact electric delivery Tuk Tuks.  The company is currently significantly expanding its operations.  It is setting up the world's largest 3-wheeler manufacturing facility in India with a production capacity of 240,000 EVs a year and the creation of 3,000 new jobs. New, Green Mode of Transportation

New Huge Solar EV Thundertruck

Off-Roading EV Concept Has Solar Foldout Awnings For Extra Range                                           Source:  Wolfgang LA Team Attachable Caboose that Makes It a 940hp, 6 Wheel Behemoth The EV Thundertruck is a fascinating, green design concept for off-roading and outdoor fun.  It is a vehicle concept unlike any other.  Thundertruck is an all-electric, 4x4 off-road EV.  Uniquely it has a pull out and foldable solar canopy/awning that can provide protection from the sun while harvesting solar energy for extra charging while in a parked mode.  And there is a snap-on, self-balancing, attachment component - a caboose.  The caboose has a set of two extra wheels and additional battery power that make Thundertruck a 6-wheeler.   Creation of a LA Based Creative Automotive Team Thundertruck is the very innovative creation of a Los Angeles based creative consultancy known as the Wolfgang LA Team.  The team focused their energies on developing the truck during downtime from the COVID pandem

Electric Speedboat & Hollywood Interest

  Arc's E-Speedboat with Zero Emissions                                                       Source:  Arc Actor Will Smith & Rapper Diddy Combs Think It's a Hot Investment Gas-powered speedboats are notorious for their polluting carbon emissions.  A new electric powered, zero emissions speedboat appears to be a very attractive alternative and it is attracting Hollywood entertainment stars' attention.   Los Angeles-based marine startup Arc is attracting big Hollywood stars like actor Will Smith and rapper Sean Diddy Combs as investors in its electric, zero emissions speedboat.  Smith's Dreamers VC, Combs' Combs Enterprises and basketball star Kevin Durant have all jumped onboard as strategic investors.  They join Eclipse Ventures' Greg Reichow, who helped fund the launch of Tesla.  They have pushed the startup's funding to more than $30 million out of the box.   The company is less than a year old. E-Speedboat is Loaded with New Technologies Arc's fi

Jet Pack Flier Spotted at 6,000 Ft over LA

  Second Recent Jet Pack Sighting Over LA                                                Source:  JetPack Aviation JetPack Aviation SPEEDER Gets Ready for Take-off Once again over Los Angeles, the sky offered an amazing sight of a pilot in a jetpack soaring 6,000 feet above the Earth.  It was the second similar sighting and the flights were apparently not authorized by the FAA.  Enter JetPack Aviation's flying motorcycle SPEEDER that's set to do its first test flight.  SPEEDER is the world's first jet powered, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flying motorcycle.  JetPack Aviation says it had nothing to do with the two mysterious, jetpack flights over LA. Technology Promise of SPEEDER JetPack says with the flip of a switch SPEEDER will be able to hit 300 mph in the air, carry 600 pounds and fly at an altitude of 15,000 feet. They say that's the potential of their SPEEDER flying motorcycle technology.  That would make a trip from LA to San Diego possible in 20

Electric Vehicle News

3 Global Automakers Tie-Up on Electric R&D Source:  Nissan Electric Vehicle LA Auto Show Showcases New EVs Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi just announced that they're intensifying their R&D alliance to develop advanced auto technology.  At the top of the list is a common platform for electric cars across the three brands.  Nissan's new CEO Makoto Uchida said today that the R&D alliance is the key to future growth.  They're setting up a separate company and will appoint a General Secretary to run the R&D innovation operation.  Nissan also announced that it's going to launch an all-electric SUV. LA Auto Show Electrified Meanwhile in Los Angeles, the annual LA Auto Show is underway and a number of new electric vehicles are being showcased. The big story is the number of high-end electric SUVs on display. Examples include the Audi E-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes EQC.  There are also several electric hyper-cars including the BMWi8 and the Acura

Hailing Flying Taxis in Melbourne

Uber Announces Air Taxi Test Flights in Melbourne, Australia & Deals with AT&T, Signature Source:  Uber Test Flights in Three Global Cities 2020 A lot of news from Uber today. Uber Technologies has selected Australia's second largest city, Melbourne, as the first international test site for its air taxi service.  The test flights will start in 2020 in Melbourne, along with test flights in previously announced Dallas and Los Angeles.  The test service will link central city locations with nearby airports. Commercial Launch 2023 The Uber air taxi fleet is electric powered and can be ordered on demand by customers through smartphone apps.  The fleet will have vertical takeoff, vertical landing and rapid horizontal flight.  The electric powered vehicles are part helicopter, part drone and part fixed wing aircraft with multiple small rotors.  Uber plans to provide commercial, on demand, ride-sharing air taxi service in 2023.  They also are exploring more location