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Dawn of Quantum Internet from NASA, Caltech

  Quantum Teleportation                               Source: Quantum Teleportation Image Quantum Internet From NASA, Caltech, Fermilab Scientists from NASA, Caltech and Fermilab have achieved long distance quantum teleportation, which lays the groundwork for quantum internet and quantum computing.  Their achievement is a world first and they sustained the quantum internet for 27 miles.  The exciting potential of this is internet networks that carry data faster than the speed of light.  The scientists add the networks would be un-hackable. Breakthrough Technology The team built a 27 mile long quantum internet linking their California labs.  It teleports signals instantly.  This is the first time that long distance quantum teleportation - the instant transfer of  quantum information or qubits - was demonstrated to work.  It lays the groundwork for  quantum internet, which would revolutionize computing and communications. Working At the Speed of Light Quantum systems are more secure than

Computers Thinking Like Humans

New Switch Enables Computer Chips to Work Like Human Brains Brainstorming This is a bit of a brainstorm.  The breakthrough research is from the United States' National Institute of Standards and Technology.  Their scientists have developed a superconducting switch that learns like a biological system.  They call the switch a synapse like its brain counterpart. It's an artificial synapse that acts like a human brain.  It can process incoming electrical spikes to customize spiking output signals like the brain. Switch on "Brain Computers" This switch appears to be the missing piece for neuromorphic computing - computers that function like our brain.  The switch is small but powerful.  It's a tiny metallic cylinder 10 micrometers in diameter. New Form of AI This tech is envisioned by NIST scientists as a new form of artificial intelligence.  Computers enabled by this could increase decision-making and perception for cancer diagnosis and self-driving cars a