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Volar eVTOL - Personal, City Flying Vehicle

  Bellwether's Volar - Flying Hypercar eVTOL                                             Source:  Bellwether A Personal Flying Machine Designed for City Travel Volar is a highly innovative eVTOL (electric, vertical take-off and landing) vehicle that is worthy of a future, secret agent like James Bond.  It looks like a very sleek combination of a spaceship from another planet and a hypercar.  It doesn't look like an aircraft as the propulsion system is hidden from view underneath the body of the very sci-fi flying machine.  The eVTOL is the boldly innovative creation of London-based startup Bellwether Industries.  The personal flying machine is designed to make inner city travel much easier.  Testing of a half-sized demonstrator prototype of Volar is now underway.  The demonstrator, named Antelope, is being remotely piloted.  The Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicle is designed for private use and appears to be a pilot-less drone, although it is still under development. Urban Travel

LG's Vision OMNIPOD - Big at CES 2022

  Lifestyle on Autonomous Wheels                                                       Source:  LG Fascinating Future of Travel South Korea based electronics giant LG unveiled one of the most fascinating and avant-garde travel vehicle concepts at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 in Las Vegas.  Called the Vision OMNIPOD, the concept offers an intriguing perspective on the future of travel.  It's an autonomous travel vehicle designed for entertainment and lifestyle and showcases the most advanced technologies.  The modular vehicle   contains modular household appliances that can be put into use as you drive along autonomously. Uniquely, it contains a digital avatar called Reah that serves as your artificial intelligence (AI) guide and  personal assistant as you travel. Reah can also respond to various cabin themes from gaming to working.  LG calls Vision OMNIPOD a mobile, futuristic cabin concept that can reconstruct the customer's space for specific needs. Rolling Showca

Epic New Rides by Edward Kane

  Exciting New Cars, Planes, Boats & More Under Development                                     Source:  Amazon  B09NV2T6N3 Edward Kane's Latest Book "Epic New Rides" on Amazon If you're interested in taking an epic new ride on a self-balancing motorcycle; soaring above rush house traffic in a personal aerial vehicle that looks like a flying saucer or cruising in solar powered boats, cars and aircraft, this book will keep you informed on the latest new rides and transportation trends. The aforementioned are just a few of the nearly 50 new travel vehicles showcased in Ed's latest book "Epic New Rides".  To take a sample read go to    I co-authored the book with Ed. The book is a great Christmas gift as a hard cover, paperback or e-book.

Porsche & Boeing Developing Flying Car

  Boeing & Porsche Partner on Flying Porsches                   Source:  Porsche & Boeing Flying Car Concepts Multinational Research Effort Porsche and Boeing are combining their respective sports car and aircraft expertise to create a flying Porsche for your personal commuting.  An international team of experts from Chicago based Boeing and German based Porsche are coming together to work on the development project in three R&D locations: Germany, Switzerland and the United States.  Porsche will design the vehicle's body.  Boeing will engineer and develop the airborne vehicle's capabilities.   Air Traffic Control and Regulatory Environment The two global companies are also taking on a much wider challenge to ensure the eventual rollout of their new flying car technologies and other flying cars and urban air mobility systems.  They intend to focus on air traffic control and the regulatory environment for flying cars, including a new air traffic management system.  N

New Combo Boat-Plane, Electric Hydrogen Vehicle

Unique Electric Hydrogen Vehicle That Flies Like Ocean Crossing Birds                                             Source:  RDC Aqualines Creation of RDC Aqualines of Singapore Using the physics of ocean crossing sea birds, a team of developers at RDC Aqualines of Singapore have created a hybrid boat-plane that flies a foot over the water at speeds of 70 mph plus.  The 72 foot, EP-15 uses a cushion of air, known as ground effect, to fly above the water and land on water.  The boat-plane uses a principle of physics that ocean crossing birds use to travel faster, longer and with much less energy expenditure.  When the vehicle reaches an altitude roughly half the length of its wingspan, ground effect produces excess air pressure which provides additional lift for the plane and cuts the downdraft pressures on it. The EP-15 is designed for passenger service and cargo.  There is a smaller model for sports.  The company says these vehicles are zero emissions and designed for clean, green trave

Flying Cars Deployed as EMS Ambulances

  Flying Cars Carrying 1st Responders to Medical Emergencies                                              Source:  Urban Aeronautics Israel & USAF Developing Flying Car EMS Vehicles Israel and the US Air Force are separately developing flying cars to save lives.  Israel claims to have the first ever flying car ambulances in development.  Urban Aeronautics of Israel and Hatzolah Air of Queens, New York are partnering to develop a flying EMS ambulance vehicle.  It's called CityHawk and they expect to have it in operation within five years.  One of the most strategic applications for flying cars is to deploy first responders to accident scenes by flying them over traffic, gain access to difficult locations and get to the location more quickly to save lives. Plans for CityHawk CityHawk relies on hybrid propulsion and is designed for medical rescues particularly in urban areas.  It will be suited with a complete package of life support equipment.  It can support at least five people