1 of a Kind Personal Flying Machine

 Zapata Air Racer

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One of a Kind Personal Flying Machine

French entrepreneur and jet ski racer Franky Zapata has created a 1-person VTOL flying machine that can handle barrel rolls like a fighter jet and is coming to the US for test flights this year. Known as Air Racer (aka Jet Racer), here are the key facts:

  • VTOL (vertical takeoff & landing vehicle) has 1 seat, 10 jet engines, each with independent electric controls, and is designed for nearly autonomous flight
  • Pilot inputs into flight controller system app what the destination is and the control panel determines the best route to get there
  • Vehicle is so technologically advanced and agile, it can be programmed to perform barrel rolls like a fighter jet
  • Pilot controls only direction and altitude and the flight control panel autonomously pilots the rest of the flight
  • Software that drives the control system is designed for stability
  • Top speeds of 125 to 155 mph with most pilots expected to prefer 20 to 40 mph
  • Maximum altitude is 4,800 feet
  • No pilot's license is required to operate the aircraft
  • VTOL measures 7'2" x 6'5"
  • Can carry pilot and cargo with total weight of 400 lbs
  • VTOL is designed to test flight controller technology & to showcase an aircraft that is "safe, easy & accessible to all"
  • Coming to US in second half of 2023 for public test flights
  • After test concepts Jet Racer & Air Racer, next concept Air Scooter is expected to go into commercialization in 2024
  • Franky Zapata is also working on a hybrid-electric powered version of the flying machine.

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