Daily Innovation Brief by Maryanne Kane


                    By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane


                                                           Source:  Dodge

  • Dodge just debuted its new, all-electric Charger Daytona, an iconic, classic muscle car
  • It is due to go into production and go on sale in 2024
  • The EV will be built on parent company Stellantis' powertrain that supports both electric and hybrid-electric vehicles
  • Multiple trims will be offered with 455 hp, 590 hp, 670 hp and 800 hp
  • The Dodge Charger Daytona Banshee model will have an 800 volt system and pump out 800 hp
  • The EV has a separate electric motor for each axle
  • It contains some unique technologies, like its manual eRupt transmission and a growling Fratzonic Exhaust Noisemaker system to make it loud and clear that this is an electric muscle car.


                                                           Source:  Stock Image

  • Japan has developed innovative new technology to tap into the vast energy producing potential of underwater ocean currents
  • IHI Corporation has developed a huge underwater turbine to harvest energy from the world's strongest ocean current, the Kuroshio Current off the east coast of Japan
  • The turbine, called Kairyu & developed over 10 years, is anchored to the ocean floor 100 to 160 feet below the surface
  • It has two counter-rotating turbine fans, collects the current-generated energy and transmits it over seabed cables
  • The 330-ton prototype turbine is producing consistent, renewable electrical energy
  • It will go into full commercial production in 2030
  • The turbine has the potential to generate 2 megawatts of electricity in future trials
  • According to energy experts, marine energy, through waves, currents, tides and temperature differentials, has tremendous potential as a sustainable and widespread clean energy source. 


                                Source:  Stock Image
  • The world's largest mobile phone show, the Mobile World Congress 2023, kicks off tomorrow in Barcelona with industry giants like Samsung and Nokia showcasing their products and forecasting the future of communications
  • A top focus will be 6G, the 6th generation of cellular technology and the successor to 5G, which is rolling out in the US, Europe and elsewhere
  • Experts say that 6G will provide "a truly omnipresent wireless intelligence" for smartphone owners for data
  • 6G is expected to rollout in 2030
  • It's being designed to power and complement the nextG of many new technologies including AR glasses and the metaverse to allow the digital and physical worlds to merge
  • Experts forecast that 6G will create new, innovative ways to communicate, work, meet and experience the world
  • Besides debuting many new phones, tablets, laptops and more, the Congress will showcase the latest advances in AI, "digital wellbeing", immersive content, smart connectivity and what's being called "the 4th industrial revolution" or Industry 4.0.


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