Big Sea Change - Hydrogen Ferries

 Sea Change: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ferry For San Francisco Bay

                                  Source:  All American Marine

US Maritime Industry Starts to Transition from Fossil Fuels to Clean Propulsion

The US' first hydrogen fuel cell ferry has just been launched.  The 70 foot Sea Change is a 75 passenger, electric ferry powered by hydrogen fuel cells that will carry passengers on San Francisco Bay.  It was built by All American Marine as a prototype that can be used to develop zero emissions, hydrogen vessels for use in the US and abroad.  The launch of Sea Change is important because it represents a big step by the US maritime industry to transition from highly polluting fossil fuels to cleaner methods of propulsion in the water.

Expected to Be Operational in 2021

Sea Change is currently undergoing sea trials.  It should be fully operational and start ferrying passengers across San Francisco Bay later this year.  All American Marine, a Bellingham, Washington-based shipyard and SWITCH Maritime, an investment company focused on zero emissions maritime vessels, are the primary movers behind this clean maritime energy effort.  

Tech Specs on the 300 Nautical Mile E-Ferry

The technology powering Sea Change is impressive.  A 360 kilowatt fuel cell system generates electricity to power the ferry.  Hydrogen gas, stored in ten tanks onboard, flows to the fuel cells where it mixes with air, creating electricity.  The electricity kicks into motion two, 420 horsepower electric motors.  The only byproduct of the entire process is water. There are zero emissions.  Any excess electricity is stored in a 100 kilowatt battery for use when needed.  The vessel's range is 300 nautical miles.  Sea Change is a major step forward in the drive for clean water travel.  It is certainly a very, cool, new, electric vehicle.


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