Bugatti Race Car Goes Road Ready

Bugatti's Hyper Race Car Concept Bolide Going Road Ready

                                        Source:  Bugatti Bolide

40 Going Into Production For Purchase

In French, Bolide means "very fast car".  And that is exactly what Bugatti's spectacular race car concept Bolide is.  The racetrack-only supercar packs 1800 horsepower and 16 cylinders to deliver speeds over 300 mph.  Since it was unveiled a year ago, there has been so much buzz and excitement among car enthusiasts that Bugatti has decided to develop a road ready version and take it into production.  Bugatti says it will build 40 Bolides for paying customers.  Each vehicle costs $4.68 million.  Bugatti says the buyers are purchasing more than a vehicle.  For most of the buyers, it's a work of art, that rather than drive, they will preserve and savor as a work of art in their garage.

Road Ready Version

The limited edition Bugatti Bolide for the road is a behemoth with an 8.0 liter, 16 cylinder engine that delivers 1,577 horsepower and 1,180 foot pounds of torque.  This is likely the last gasoline powered car that the French automaker will build as parent company Porsche is pairing Bugatti with Croatian electric hypercar automaker Rimac to build hybrid and electric vehicles.  

Hypercar with Advanced Safety Features

Bugatti is introducing a number of new safety features in the hypercar.  For owners who decide to drive or race it, there's an automatic fire extinguishing system onboard, central wheel locking, a 6-point safety belt system and it is compatible with the HANS-system (head restraint to cut risk of head & neck injury).  The aerodynamic design of the vehicle includes its height.  It is just 3 feet in height and very light weight at just 2700 pounds.  There is a dramatic rear wing designed to generate high downforce and optimal traction, an air intake duct (scoop) on the roof and low seat positioning for maximum performance.  The 40 cars will go into production over the next three years for delivery in 2024.  To take a look at Edward Kane's latest book "Cool New Vehicles Revealed", go to    It is the #1 new release on Amazon in Pictorial Automotive Books.  I co-wrote it with Ed.


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