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  • New neuroscience research demonstrates specific steps you can take to learn new subjects, skills and tasks more quickly and retain more.  Here are some tips from neuroscientists:

  1. Learn several new subjects simultaneously.  Neuroscientists call this interleaving.  Instead of focusing on one subject, task or skill during a study session, they suggest focusing on several related subjects in succession.  They say the variety keeps your mind more engaged, active and enables you to learn more quickly.
  2. Frequently vary the way you study. According to experts at Johns Hopkins University, constant repetition is not as effective as varying and modifying the subject or skill you're trying to learn.
  3. Rehearse your new knowledge out loud.  Experts say that's a big re-enforcer.
  4. Wait 6 hours to allow your brain to consolidate your new knowledge.  The experts add sleep on it. Sleep helps to retain it.
  5. Rigorously test yourself on what you've learned. Neuroscientists say nothing is more effective to accelerate learning.

  • Other neuroscience tips include 6 to 10 minutes of exercise a day, even walking, to improve your brain function.  Continuous learning, meditation, enough sleep and a healthy diet are also cited as highly beneficial to increased learning.
  • These tips are from top neuroscientists in recently completed research studies that have just been published.

                                         Source:  McLaren

  • British supercar maker McLaren has just unveiled the world's most powerful, street legal electric bikes.  Here are some key facts:
  • The 2 new electric mountain bikes, named Sport and Extreme, are McLaren's 1st EVs
  • They are the most powerful e-bikes on the market
  • The distinguisher is the custom-tuned mid-drive motor in both bikes
  • It produces 600 watts of normal power, 852 watts of peak power and 119 ft-lbs of torque
  • All electric speeds up to 20 mph
  • Both bikes can be ridden on streets and trails+
  • Extreme has a full suspension that's more off-road friendly
  • Sport is said to be more versatile
  • Both have 5 different ride modes and graphic displays
  • Available in limited numbers:  Sport starts at $7,950. and Extreme at $10,950.
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