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By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 


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  • There's a good chance your next glass of wine will come to you courtesy of AI.  AI is having a major impact on the global wine industry and it's having several big positive effects on what's in your glass, including better taste and price.  Here are some key facts:
  • Vineyards around the world are embracing AI for better performance in virtually every aspect of their business
  • Wine experts say AI is creating more accessible, sustainable, better priced and higher quality wine
  • Some examples:
  1. AI can sample grapes and determine if they are premium, super premium or ultra-premium, allowing the grower to put certain batches into their premier line of winemaking
  2. AI is being used for vineyard management
  3. It monitors water intake and provides yield forecasts
  4. Provides solutions to mitigate Climate Change
  5. Provides the Holy Grail - accurate yield forecasts which enable growers to cut waste and know exactly how much oak and other products they need to make the wine
  6. Tractors are being equipped with AI technology including cameras and sensors to analyze the grape crop daily and make real-time adjustments
  • The results for consumers:  sustainable, higher quality wines that are better priced
  • The results for growers:  greater efficiencies, cost savings, more predictability and better crops
  • For investors, AI use in winemaking is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 9% through 2026 as AI continues to expand its role at vineyards right down to consumers choosing the perfect bottle
  • So, cheers to AI!

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  • From Turkey, a one-of-a-kind combo boat & camper trailer that revolutionizes the concept of recreational mobility.  Here's what we know:
  • Startup company Sealvans & innovative vehicle called Sealvan
  • It's a combo boat and camper trailer caravan
  • Operates on electric or diesel engines
  • Top model can hit speeds on the water of 13 knots on its 50 hp engine
  • Top model starts at $63,500 with no inside accommodations, which come as add-on costs
  • This new innovation certainly breaks the limits of the camping and boating life, blending them into 1 vehicle.
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