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By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 


                                                                    Source:  Stock Power Beaming

  • The US Defense Dept.'s Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, is developing power beaming technology with multiple applications - that could make your re-charges effortless.  Here are some key facts:
  • The tech DARPA is developing is called power beaming
  • It enables an electric plane or e-drone to be recharged in flight
  • It also enables electric cars and trucks to recharge while being driven
  • The applications are multiple:  including medical implants in humans to be recharged while they go about their lives
  • Power beaming's foundation is electromagnetic waves that power TV & radio broadcasts, cell phones and GPS
  • DARPA is funding a team of electrical engineering experts at the University of Texas to develop their technology to send electromagnetic waves long distances to charge US military electric drones/small planes in flight - that's the 1st use
  • The UT power beam distinguisher:  they're using phased array antennas to direct the electromagnetic current along specific routes to the target recipient, so the wave doesn't dissipate as it travels long distances
  • This research is receiving fresh funding from DARPA
  • DARPA views power beaming as potentially easy, fast, efficient and effortless re-charging with multiple applications.


                                                                    Source:  BYD

  • China's biggest EV maker, BYD, has developed several new hybrid cars that significantly exceed 1,000 in range and give Tesla a big run for its money.  Here are some key facts:
  • Chinese Tesla rival BYD says its new hybrid cars can go 1,250 miles without a fill-up or a re-charge
  • That is 2-times the range of rival hybrids in the US
  • To put this new powertrain tech breakthrough into perspective, the 2023 Lexus ES gets 500 miles less range
  • In terms of gas, the BYD powertrain gets 81 miles per gallon
  • In terms of current hybrids, the new BYD models are unmatched
  • So is the price: starting at $13,375.
  • This new competitive edge for BYD comes at a time when hybrid popularity in the US is surging as EVs remain expensive for consumers and unprofitable for dealers
  • BYD is going to launch two new hybrids with the powertrain
  • Big question for US consumers:  will it be allowed to come and compete in the US?
  • No matter how the US government responds, these new BYD hybrids showcase the potential of hybrid driving technologies for the driving public
  • BYD unseated Tesla as the world's top seller of EVs in Q4 2023; Tesla reclaimed the title in Q1 2024
  • BYD EVs are reasonably priced with some as low as $10,000.
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