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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

  D AILY INNOVATION BRIEF                                                                                                          By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane UK'S SOLAR TREES TO RECHARGE EVs                                                                                                        Source:  SolarBotanic Trees & Dubai Expo 2020 Entrepreneurs in the UK have developed a highly innovative EV charger - Solar Trees The artificial trees with their tops loaded with nano photovoltaic "leaves" capture the sun's energy, convert it into electricity & store it in a battery in the tree's trunk The new artificial tree technology was invented by SolarBotanic Trees as a power source for charging electric vehicles The trees are 15-feet tall, attractive, easily deployed & of particular interest to luxury hotels, shopping malls, corporate headquarters & more to showcase they are green Each tree has a power generating capacity of 5 kilowa

World Record Winning Hydrogen Car

  Toyota Mirai Hydrogen FCEV Enters Guinness Book                                             Source:  Toyota Mirai Zero Emissions Driving with 5 Minute Refueling Toyota and its hydrogen fuel cell EV (FCEV) Mirai have set the world record for the longest range for a hydrogen fuel cell powered EV on a single tank of hydrogen.  The zero emissions sedan drove 1360 km or  845 miles.  The world record was set in southern California by what is called a "hyperdriver" over two days. And Toyota says the Mirai was driven mostly in rush hour traffic.   2G Mirai Toyota says the Mirai is one of a growing number of zero emissions models in its portfolio of cars.  The record setting Mirai is the second generation of the Mirai that was first introduced and went to market in 2016.  It is currently available for sale in select international markets. 5 Minute Refuels Mirai's hydrogen fuel cell stack has a peak power of 172 hp and 300 Nm of maximum torque.  It has an average driving range of

Toyota Pushes Hydrogen Cars

  Revamped & Upgraded Mirai                                                                      Source:  Toyota Mirai Zero Emissions Driving Toyota has introduced a revamped version of the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car with 30% greater range.  The move is designed to jumpstart the use of hydrogen powered vehicles particularly in Japan.  It is also aimed at capitalizing on the rising demand for electric vehicles. Hydrogen Driving Demand To date, drivers in Japan have not embraced fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).  Consumers are concerned about a number of issues, including the resale value of the cars, the availability of hydrogen fueling stations and the risk of explosion.  But Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced a goal to make Japan carbon neutral with zero carbon emissions by 2050.  Toyota believes hydrogen is a critical factor in achieving that goal. Departure Point Toyota says the new Mirai is a "departure point" for broad use of hydrogen fuel, even beyond cars.


Toyota's New JV in China Source: Stock image of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Focus:  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems Toyota is betting on a hydrogen fueled future.  The Japanese auto giant is launching a new joint venture to build hydrogen fuel cell systems with 5 Chinese automotive companies.  The joint venture will be based in Beijing.  The Chinese automakers include Dongfeng Motors, FAW Group, GAC, Beijing Sinohytec and Beijing Automotive.  An initial $46 million is being invested and Toyota holds a 65% share of the JV Toyota's Hydrogen City Toyota has a major belief in and commitment to hydrogen as an energy source. Today's JV announcement with the 5 Chinese automakers expands upon it. Toyota has introduced its Mirai hydrogen-electric powered car.  And, Toyota is building what it calls the "city of the future" at the base of Mt. Fuji, Japan.  The city will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.  And it will function as a living laboratory for hydrogen power, smart h

Toyota's Hydrogen Sedan

Toyota Mirai Driving on Hydrogen Power Toyota is making a bet that the preferred fuel of the future is hydrogen.  They just unveiled their 2021 Toyota Mirai concept design.  The 4-door sedan is powered by hydrogen and has enough room inside to accommodate five people. Taking Its Own Road Toyota is going a different direction than its major global competitors which are placing their bets on electric battery powered big vehicles like SUVs and trucks.  Toyota will start selling the hydrogen powered vehicles in late 2020.  It adds that it will ramp up production ten fold for what it believes will be a very popular mass market, four door sedan. Not Putting All Its Eggs in One Technology Basket For Toyota, electric vehicles are also in its mix, although it does have some concerns about the electric vehicle market.  Namely, Toyota worries about the uncertainty of consumer demand and the technical challenges of extending battery range and cutting recharging time.  Nonetheless, Toyot