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UK Jet Suit Sets Guinness Speed Record

Three Guinness World Records Set by Richard Browning's Jet Suit                                                                 Source:  Guinness World Records Gravity Industries of the UK The British inventor of the flying jet suit, Richard Browning, broke three Guinness World Records this week at the Anker Speed Challenge sponsored by Guinness in Southampton, UK.  Browning and his jet suit broke three, global, track speed records, including one set by superstar runner Usain Bolt.  Browning is a former British Marine and the founder of Gravity Industries of the UK. 100 Meter Dash Record Smashed Browning set a new world record for the fastest 100 meter dash with his body controlled and powered by his jet suit.  Doing the dash in 7.60 seconds, he officially broke runner Usain Bolt's record of 9.58 seconds. 400 Meter Hurdle Aced Browning did the unthinkable in setting a new world record for the 400 meter hurdle.  The jet suit powered him to clear each hurdle with a definitive up

New Jet Pack Suits & Strategic Uses

  Gravity Industries' Jet Pack Targets Ship Hijackers                Source:  Gravity Industries Jet Suit in Netherlands Test New Aviation Technology on the Cutting Edge of Saving Lives Seizing control back of a hijacked ship on the high seas is one of the most difficult challenges for global special forces in the fight against terrorism.  They either try rappelling down a rope from a hovering helicopter or use ladders on small boats at night to climb onboard.  Many times, these strategies loose the element of surprise.  Now from a former Royal Marine, Richard Browning who is the CEO of the UK's Gravity Industries, there is a third solution to taking control back from hijackers of a ship on the high seas.  Browning's Jet Suits have the potential to revolutionize counter-terrorism on land and sea. They have just been demonstrated to work by the Dutch Maritime Special Operations Forces in a simulation to board and save a commercial ship in the Netherlands.  It was a proof of

Jet Packs Growing In Use

  Royal British Navy & Jet Pack Assault Teams                                                                 Source:  Gravity Industries UK's Gravity Industries One of the most intriguing forms of new travel and personal air mobility is jetpacks.  A leading player in the field, Gravity Industries of the UK, has successfully developed jetpacks for individual enthusiasts and adventurers.  The company is now working with the British Royal Navy to adapt the jetpacks for military use.  Specifically, to develop new jet pack military assault teams. The US Navy is also working with the UK company to examine the possibilities of using jetpacks for Navy Seals.  Clearly, the utilization of jetpacks is rapidly expanding. Targeted Goals and Expanding into Emergency Services The intent on the part of the British Royal Navy and the US Navy is to determine how this emerging travel technology could make operations safer for the military and provide a significant technological advantage. Gravit

Jet Pack Flier Spotted at 6,000 Ft over LA

  Second Recent Jet Pack Sighting Over LA                                                Source:  JetPack Aviation JetPack Aviation SPEEDER Gets Ready for Take-off Once again over Los Angeles, the sky offered an amazing sight of a pilot in a jetpack soaring 6,000 feet above the Earth.  It was the second similar sighting and the flights were apparently not authorized by the FAA.  Enter JetPack Aviation's flying motorcycle SPEEDER that's set to do its first test flight.  SPEEDER is the world's first jet powered, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flying motorcycle.  JetPack Aviation says it had nothing to do with the two mysterious, jetpack flights over LA. Technology Promise of SPEEDER JetPack says with the flip of a switch SPEEDER will be able to hit 300 mph in the air, carry 600 pounds and fly at an altitude of 15,000 feet. They say that's the potential of their SPEEDER flying motorcycle technology.  That would make a trip from LA to San Diego possible in 20

Harmony Takeoff in Your Personal Flying Machine

The Harmony - Not Your Average Flying Machine Forget the jetpack.  The future of personal flying machines looks quite different, as in Texas A&M's The Harmony pictured above.  This flying machine is one of ten winners in Boeing's GoFly international competition.  It's cleared for take-off in Phase 2 of the competition. The Texans will be turning the concept into a working prototype. The Harmony's Winning Music The all-electric vehicle was created by Texas A&M engineers.  It's distinctive to say the least.  It's egg-shaped and looks a bit like a lectern. The engineers call it a personal rotorcraft.  The pilot sits above the open coaxial rotors.  The creators say the configuration maximizes hover and forward flight flexibility, pilot safety and reliability.  The Texans says it's practical, safe, green and efficient.  The next step is to take their winning technical specifications and design and build a prototype to fly. Boeing's GoFly 160

Where's Your Jet Pack?

Up, Up and Away With the intense global R&D underway to bring the first flying car to market, I wondered what the status of jet packs is.  They were all the rage earlier in this decade  Turns out, they're still around but haven't matured technologically for widespread commercialization...yet.  They are one of the most difficult and complex pieces of flying equipment to engineer.  They also remain dangerous to fly. New Takeoffs with Jet Pack Man Nick Macomber is known as the Jet Pack Man.  He and his jet pack opened the London Olympics, flew over bridges in Ireland and have flown as part of innovation conferences in China.  His company Go Fast Sports & Jet Pack International predicts an upcoming renaissance in jet packing.  They've created a prototype with a turbine based platform that's capable of flying 30 minutes.  That could open up the possibility of commuting to work or school by jetpack. Weight to Thrust Ratio Challenge With jet packs, the challen