Mercedes Unveiled Electric EQB SUV

 7 Seat Electric SUV

                                    Source:  Mercedes Benz

Mercedes' Answer to the Tesla Model Y SUV 

Mercedes Benz is launching its much anticipated all electric SUV, the EQB.  It is the Germany based company's answer to the Tesla Model Y, a compact SUV that is closing in on the most popular EV model spot in the world.  Sales are so strong for the Model Y in the US and China that Tesla is adding production capacity to build more at its new factories in Austin, Texas and Berlin, Germany.

"Iconic Electric SUV"

Mercedes launched the EQB at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich.  Mercedes calls it "an iconic electric SUV which incorporates the square form of our off-roaders and projects them into the future".  The EQB is slightly larger than the Model Y and has an optional third row.  In all, the vehicle has 7 seats. Concerning the powertrain, the EQB will first be offered with front and rear axle electric motors - the EQB 300 4MATIC - and all wheel drive.  

Tech Specs

The EQB has a maximum range of 260 miles. Mercedes says a longer range version will be available in 2022. The maximum speed is 99.4 mph. Carbon dioxide emissions are zero.  The 66.5 kWh lithium ion battery pack comes with a 100 kW DC fast charging capacity.  Pricing is around $50,000.  Production starts in Hungary and China for deliveries in Europe and China this year.  The US launch will happen in 2022.


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