Our Next Green Travel Vehicles by Edward Kane

  #1 New Release on Amazon's Pictorial Automotive Books

                          Source:  Amazon ASIN: B09J1N32PB

Latest Zero Emissions Travel Vehicles - Executive Summaries & Compelling Pictures

Edward Kane's just released book "OUR NEXT GREEN TRAVEL VEHICLES", with executive summaries and vivid pictures, is the #1 New Release on Amazon's Pictorial Automotive Books.  It's available as an e-book, paperback and hardcover.  To take a look, go to https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B09J1N32PB&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_WZWFKDQNQZV3JBNJCCTC   I co-authored the book with Ed.


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