DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist



                 By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 


                                        Source: Alibaba

  • A new, eye-catching electric golf cart, that could easily pass for a dune buggy with attitude or a mini-Jeep, is showing up on golf courses in China
  • It's an EUV (electric utility vehicle) that demonstrates the technological power that can be packed into a golf cart
  • The EUV, now being sold by the China-based online retail giant Alibaba, is very impressive:

  1. 5 Kw continuous-rated electric motor, which can match that of some small trucks and is strong enough to haul a boat
  2. Huge, 9.2 kw battery
  3. Battery is fireproof and lasts twice as long as comparable  lithium-ion batteries (LifePO4)
  4. Price:  $9,998
  5. 62 miles + range
  6. Top speed:  31 mph
  7. Seats 4
  • This quirky, powerful golf cart is unique, fun and available on Alibaba but, bear in mind, for those of us in the US and Europe, the cost of shipment would likely eclipse the price tag.


                                                        Source:  Threads & Stock

  • Less than a week after it launched and 100 million + users strong, Threads is already upgrading its social media app and intensifying competition with Twitter
  • Based on user feedback, Threads is implementing new features to make it "better and faster" including:
  1. New ability to revisit liked posts
  2. Alternative homepage to view posts from followed accounts only
  • Both upgrades have been given a thumbs up by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg
  • Threads was created and is being managed by Instagram, which is owned by Meta
  • They will also introduce hashtags to Threads
  • Threads is available for free in 100 nations, including the US
  • Twitter CEO Elon Musk is suing Threads for intellectual property rights infringement, which Meta denies.


                               Source:  Climate Change Stock

  • Sobering research led by Columbia University and a global team of scientists warns of new, increased risks from CC: simultaneous crop failures in key food producing parts of the world, such as Eastern Europe and North America
  • The researchers say simultaneous extreme weather conditions in different food producing areas would be worse than the sum of the parts - potentially causing spiraling food prices, shortages and food deprivation
  • They call Climate Change as it gets worse "a threat to global food security"
  • Their remedies:  decrease carbon emissions now to combat Climate Change and build better modeling on the impact of extreme weather
  • As if to underscore the urgent message, the world has set the highest daily, average global temperatures ever on Earth for the past week.

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