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                 By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane


                    Source: King's College London & Stock

  • King's College London cancer researchers have discovered a completely new antibody produced by the human body that latches onto cancer cells and kills them
  • Called IgG, it is a new type of immune therapy that tackles untreatable cancers
  • Lead researcher & author of the study Oncologist/Professor Dr. James Spicer of Kings College says IgG is well tolerated by patients and it shrunk a cancerous tumor in an ovarian cancer patient
  • It is undergoing clinical trials on patients in the UK
  • IgG is an immune system protein that is made naturally in the human body
  • This new discovery is said by the research team to show tremendous promise and could lead to the development of a new class of drugs to shrink cancers that are chemotherapy resistant and untreatable with current therapies
  • For many cancer patients and their families it offers new hope.


                                                    Source:  Moriyama Butterflies

  • A unique and innovative effort is underway in Japan to restore one of Japan's most beautiful and endangered species - the Genji fireflies of Moriyama
  • Conservationists have established a new, natural habitat containing a manmade river, flanked by lush green moss and native trees to bring back the species that has come very close to extinction
  • They've also opened at the new habitat The Moriyama City Firefly Forest Museum that offers 8-week courses on the species, how to conserve them and develop local habitats to bring the species back
  • The beloved Genji is memorialized in 18th century Japanese wood carvings and are known for their distinctive yellow-green light 
  • At the turn of the 20th century, Japanese entrepreneurs captured and sold them at high prices to cities like Tokyo and Kyoto to replicate the Moriyama light shows
  • That greatly depleted the population, which is now trying to make a comeback during Climate Change, pollution and habitat loss
  • The hope for the Genji is that innovative conservation efforts, both nationally & locally, will help them make a glorious comeback during the next 10 to 20 years.


                                                                Source:  Flying Eyebrow

  • Finnish company 18 Wheels has created a unique and bizarre, all electric, off-roading, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) - the Flying Eyebrow
  • It certainly does "raise eyebrows" with its 18 independently suspended wheels
  • The wheels can drive over just about any type of terrain, including mud, rock, sand, logs and any object up to 7.9-inches tall
  • Flying Eyebrow delivers zero-emissions off-roading and is currently going through more development and prototyping.
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