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Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot, Cut My Lawn Source:  Husqvarna Mowers Robo Mowers Powered by Batteries - No Gas It's at the top of my robotic wish list.  A robot lawn mower.  No astronomical bills and upselling from lawn service companies.  Just a nicely cut lawn and no hassles.  Innovation seems to be knocking at the front door with news on robotic mowers. Green Robots at the Cutting Edge There's a slew of new robot mowers.  Models include Worx Landroid for smaller lawns, Honda that cuts and feeds lawns, Robomow for all-purpose mowing and Husqvarna that's loaded with cell & GPS tech.  These mowers aren't cheap.  Prices range from $1000 to $3500. They're powered by rechargeable batteries so they're quiet.  You pay more for online enhancements. And, if your lawn is loaded with trees and hills, your robot mower is going to be a lot more expensive. Grass Vacuums Robot mowers look a lot like big robot vacuums such as iRobot's Roomba. They roam and groom your lawn. Their