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Japan to Get Flying Taxi Network - Partnership

  Big Global Flying Taxi Partnership: ANA, Joby Aviation & Toyota                                             Source:  Joby Aviation Electric, eVTOL Air Commuting for Japan There's a big, global development in the deployment of flying taxis. Japan's ANA - All Nippon Airways - and California-based flying taxi company Joby Aviation have formed a partnership to bring electric, vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs) to Japan to serve as a network of ride-sharing, flying taxis for commuters.  Automaker Toyota is also a major partner in this endeavor and will focus on transport connections on the ground.  With the global stature of the members of this partnership, it has all the appearances of a game-changing deal for the deployment of flying taxis. The Japanese Market for Flying Taxis The Japanese market is fertile for flying taxis.  92% of the Japanese population live in cities. Some like Tokyo are among the most congested in the world.  The first deployment of the Job