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Jetpack Aviation's Flying Motorcycle

  UK's Jetpack Aviation's Speeder Successfully Tested                                        Source:  Jetpack Aviation                                                Source:  Jetpack Aviation Speeder                                   Source:  Jetpack Aviation JB10                   Source: Jetpack Aviation Speeder with Different Frame                              Source:  Jetpack Aviation Prototype 1 Speeder - A New Form of Travel In the UK, a flying motorcycle, named Speeder, that can fly at speeds of 300 mph and carry two people or cargo, has just cleared flight testing and is available for pre-order.  The vehicle has been developed by Jetpack Aviation, which is famous for its jet pack personal flying technologies.  The vehicle is jet turbine powered and will cost in excess of $380,000.  Jetpack plans to offer the vehicle with different types of frames and propulsion system for different customers and uses, emphasizing the versatility of this new travel technology. VTOL Speed