DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist


By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane


                                                                Source: AI Midjourney  

  • Experts using AI Midjourney have brought to life the foods of the future - 30 years from now.  The menu is quite bizarre.  Here's a look at what's for dinner in 2054:
  • You'll be eating sustainable cuisine with a low carbon footprint
  • The menu includes:
  1. Lots of lab grown meat, including steak
  2. Meat balls from aquatic plants
  3. Cricket salad
  4. Lots of new veggie varieties like fern azoila
  5. Bugs very high in protein and nutrition like crickets, worms and ants will be superfood offerings
  • 3D printers creating your food will be an important part of every kitchen
  • Red meat and dairy products that have a high carbon footprint will be of dwindling importance
  • According to AI, the menu will be good for you and the environment and will be a big weapon in the battle against Climate Change
  • Bon Appetit, but count me out on the crickets and other insects!

                                                                    Source:  Wisk Aero

  • Houston's airports, Bush, Hobby and Ellington, have joined California-based Wisk Aero to develop and deploy the infrastructure needed to make flying taxis part of the travel mix in the greater Houston area. This is a new milestone for flying taxi service and the Wisk aircraft is unique. Here's what we know:
  • The partners will establish vertiports for the flying taxis to vertically take off and land at the airports and around the city and suburbs
  • The development planning, vetting it with communities and then building the vertiports will take several years
  • The Wisk flying taxis are all-electric, autonomous passenger drones
  • They're controlled by a human operator on the ground
  • The vehicle takes off like a helicopter and then transitions to forward flight
  • It can carry 4 passengers, has a range of 90 miles and a top cruising speed of 138 mph
  • They're expected to be flying commercially in Houston and elsewhere by 2030.

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