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By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 


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  • In the world of exercise, slow running is the new "big thing", backed by a growing number of new scientific studies.  Here's the latest science on it:
  • Slow running is running at a pace that allows you to hold a comfortable conversation
  • Scientists say slow running can both improve and extend your life
  • According to researchers at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK, it reduces resting blood pressure and promotes a stronger heart
  • Scientists in Copenhagen found light & moderate joggers had a lower mortality rate than both non-joggers and strenuous runners
  • Slow running has a myriad of benefits:
  1. Improves the strength & pumping capacity of the heart
  2. Boosts your health at the molecular level
  3. Fights off metabolic disease by improving insulin resistance
  4. Increases density of mitochondria (the energy storers) inside your cells and encourages the body to use fat for energy
  5. Makes you feel better
  • As the scientists say, slow running gives you all of the gains with less of the pains of running.


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  • An Eotvos Lorand University study has revealed the best way to train dogs. It's through positive re-enforcement.  Here's what we know:
  • It was previously believed that emotionally charged social events are better remembered by dogs
  • Current research using family dogs and real-life situations at Eotvos Lorand University has shown the best method to train your dog is through positive re-enforcement - that's how they get it
  • Success measurements show that dogs provided with tangible rewards and emotional support did the best
  • Bottom line:  dogs learn better when rewarded with food, praise and petting
  • I've certainly found that to be true with my Smooth Fox Terrier Winnie
  • She learns best when given treats, petting and praise. In fact, she is so good at it, she's trained me about the art of giving her treats!
  • As for Brewster, who is my favorite nephew, he can do no wrong - he is just so smart, gorgeous and sweet! He uses his glasses to study & then ask some questions about training!!!! 
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