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By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 


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  • At the 2024 American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting, 44,000 health care professionals are discussing some of the top new breakthroughs in cancer care, that offer innovative treatments and real hope.  Here are several highlights presented at the meeting:
  • In the UK, NHS personalized mRNA cancer vaccine for melanoma:
  1. Trial results show new vaccine cut in half deaths from the disease and the recurrence of it
  2. Used on patients with stage 3 or 4 melanoma
  3. Remarkable results after 3-year trial
  • In the UK, NHS Breast cancer vaccine:
  1. Significantly improved survival rates to the point that thousands of UK patients are being fast tracked onto the vaccine
  • New Hodgkin lymphoma therapy:
  1. Combines 6 treatments
  2. Called BrECADD
  3. More effectively cured the disease and had fewer side effects
  4. Survival rate reported at 98.5%
  • Other breakthroughs presented:
  1. 2 new, more effective, early warning tests for prostate and breast cancers - 2 of the world's most common cancers
  2. An AI tool called MyEleanor, successfully tested on 2,400 people in the Bronx, that helped them undergo cancer screening
  • Clearly, cancer specialists are developing new, breakthrough treatments that offer the world more hope in the fight against cancer.


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  • Fascinating lost treasures are waiting to be found in the US. As scientists and explorers begin to use AI, underwater robotics, robots and advanced sensors, some treasure may soon be discovered. Here are 3, particularly interesting ones:
  • Captain Kidd's lost treasure:
  1. Estimated value: at least $1 million
  2. Speculated to be very substantial
  3. The17th century pirate's treasure is said to have been buried in various parts of the Caribbean and along the US east coast as far north as Connecticut
  • The Atocha treasure:
  1. Estimated value of $400 million
  2. The Atocha shipwreck sank in the Florida Keys in 1622 with a fortune in gold, silver and jewels
  • Thomas J Beale buried treasure
  1. Estimated value of $60 million
  2. Located in Bedford County, Virginia
  3. Buried gold, silver and jewels
  4. Beale left ciphers that when decoded reveal the location of the treasure
  5. Beale buried the treasure in the early 1800's
  • Sounds like some potentially lucrative adventures for weekend treasure hunters.

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