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         By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane


Source:  JetCar

  • Hollywood, FL-based JetCar has created a 2-seat, boat/jetski hybrid that looks like a supercar Corvette on the water
  • It has a 1.8-liter, 4-cylinder Yamaha V8 engine that pumps out 180 hp
  • It's designed as an alternative to a jetski as the company says it is much more stable and maneuverable
  • Uniquely designed to look like a legendary Corvette
  • Has GPS navigation, windshield wipers, headlights, taillights, 6-speaker Bluetooth audio system
  • Can hit speeds up to 65 mph & the company says requires little maintenance
  • JetCar has also created a boat/jet ski version of the Porsche 911, Bugatti and Lamborghini
  • Estimated cost of the new Corvette JetCar is $55,000
  • JetCars are also being rented in Miami & Dubai.


                                                                Source:  Amazon

  • Amazon is rolling out its most innovative televisions ever with Alexa-power built-into the displays in the UK
  • The most advanced is the Fire TV Omni QLED that serves as a TV & smart home center all in one 
  • It contains a mike to let the viewer switch channels & make other adjustments without using a remote
  • TV uniquely transforms from a blank screen to a gorgeous work of art when you enter the room or shows your calendar, depending on the time of day
  • The screen doubles as a photo or art frame or a digital poster board
  • It contains 1700 gallery curated works of art that can be displayed at the owner's direction
  • Also contains widgets on the screen to control other smart devices in the home
  • The Omni QLED is also available in the US & Amazon just extended the models to include more affordable 43", 50" & 55" versions starting at $450.00
  • Amazon's objectives: make TV's as beautiful as artwork and more "useful in more parts of the day".
  • Amazon does a huge business with its highly innovative, Fire line of TV's:  more than 200 million have been sold worldwide.


Source:  UT Austin & Prof. Nanshu Lu
  • Researchers at the University of Texas Austin have developed a temporary, electronic tattoo for the palm of the hand that can track stress levels
  • It uses the palm's high level of electrical conductivity to track personal levels of stress, excitement, emotion & anxiety
  • This new technology could be a breakthrough in the treatment of anxiety & depression
  • It allows patients to track their emotional state without wearing bulky medical equipment
  • It combines an ultralight, invisible e-tattoo, with 2 extremely thin gold filaments to connect the e-tattoo to a wristwatch, that sends data to a smartphone that the wearer can read
  • This is the 1st e-tattoo created for the palm which is extremely mobile 
  • To track depression & anxiety, it will need FDA approval
  • This breakthrough comes from UT Austin Engineering Professor Nanshu Lu & her team, who hope to make wearable medical devices as "soft & stretchy as human skin".
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