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         By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane


                                            Source:  Stock image & Microsoft

  • UK researchers are forecasting that the office of the future, circa 2050, will be highly innovative, digitized & technologically revolutionized from the office of today
  • They forecast smart buildings with touchless, facial scanning entrance systems for health and safety reasons & holographic receptionists
  • Robots & AI will be doing research and data entry, freeing up employees for more important tasks
  • Travelling robotic fridges will be accessible through biometric fingerprint scanning
  • VR headsets will be used for specific, real-time work related training
  • Augmented reality glasses will be an ever-present work tool for employees
  • New technologies will be deployed to gauge employee productivity 
  • Managers will use productivity tech like productivity tracking wristbands
  • Drones delivering beverages & snacks will eliminate the need for employee coffee breaks & increase productivity
  • Babysitters will be onsite to take care of workers' children
  • Futuristic technologies will blend into the office of the future that will have moveable walls, modular furniture & green spaces to grow fresh food & plants
  • This research was commissioned by a major UK office supplier Furniture at Work.


                                                    Source:  United & Archer Aviation

  • United Airlines intends to use Archer Aviation's eVTOLs to provide flying taxi service in both New York City & Chicago by 2025
  • United's established routes are a world first & an important milestone for the fledgling flying taxi global industry
  • Archer's Midnight eVTOLs will provide the service & can seat 4 passengers plus a pilot
  • Midnight is powered by 6 pairs of electric engines, each with a separate battery
  • Top speed is 150 mph
  • Top range is 100 miles
  • The eVTOL is optimized for short distance flights of 10 to 20 minutes
  • United is focused on "trunk" routes connecting major airports to nearby city centers
  • United's flying taxi service will link Chicago's O'Hare Airport to Vertiport Chicago & Newark International Airport to the Downtown Manhattan Heliport
  • Midnight provides 100%, zero emissions flying. 


                                                        Source:  Hyundai

  • Hyundai has just unveiled an EV charging robot that performs the charging task for you
  • It's called ACR or Automatic Charging Robot and is part of Hyundai's automated vehicle parking system
  • ACR is very sophisticated and multi-tasking
  • It wirelessly tells the car to open its charging port, then calculates the port's angle & location using its camera
  • It retrieves the charging cord, plugs it in, gets the EV charged and then completes the process by retrieving & storing the cord and closing the charging port
  • This is important technology for Hyundai because they view it as a great convenience to drivers now and as a necessity in the near future, when cars become Level 3 & Level 4 autonomous & serve as their own valets
  • VW is also developing its own charging robot.

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