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         By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane


                                                                Source:  Ferrari

  • If you like sleek, aerodynamic & gorgeous, Ferrari's new convertible, the Roma Spyder, may be just the car for you
  • The car is Ferrari's 1st retractable soft top convertible since 1969 & is the convertible version of Ferrari's V8 Grand Tourer
  • The roof can be deployed in 13.5 seconds while driving at speeds up to 37 mph
  • The car design is classic elegance with smooth, sleek lines
  • The interior is luxurious with an 8.4" vertical infotainment touchscreen
  • It has a 3.9-liter V8 engine with 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmission
  • Pumps out 612 hp and 561 ft-lbs of torque to the rear wheels
  • Top speed - 199 mph
  • Accelerates 0 to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds
  • Price not yet disclosed but it's expected to be more than $247,310, which is the base price for the Grand Tourer.



                                    Source:  Osaka University

  • A new AI powered algorithm can generate images based on human brain scans with 80% accuracy
  • In essence the AI is able to read your mind
  • The new AI model was created by scientists at Japan's Osaka University
  • The AI-powered algorithm produced a gallery of more than a thousand images, including an airplane and a teddy bear, all from human brain scans - with 80% accuracy
  • We know that AI can produce images based on text prompts
  • Now AI can reconstruct thoughts captured on a brain scan and convert them into accurate images
  • According to the Osaka University scientists, the algorithm gathers information from parts of the brain involved in image perception, such as the occipital & temporal lobes
  • 4 humans participated in this breakthrough study.


                            Source:  University of Southampton

  • UK scientists are working on a major project to retrofit large ocean-going vessels with ultramodern wing sails to wean the vessels off fossil fuels and help fight Climate Change
  • University of Southampton scientists are starting with the 105 metre, UK vessel Pacific Grebe and retrofitting it with Fast Rig Wing Sails, developed by the UK company Smart Green Shipping
  • Funding for this 2 year project is coming from Innovate UK
  • Software is being created to determine exactly how big cargo ships will perform on the ocean with the wing-sails & how best to optimize the performance
  • This project is important because virtually all large ocean vessels operate on fossil fuels
  • Decarbonizing global shipping could have a profound impact on Climate Change
  • The UK researchers hope to make the UK a global leader in green maritime technologies.

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