DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist


By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 


                                                 Source:  PLOS GENETICS & Stock

  • In the summer of 2023, a study published in the journal PLOS Genetics documented that Russian scientists were able to revive 46,000-year-old frozen, extinct roundworms and bring them "back to life" from their very long-term dormant state in the deep snows of Siberia
  • This raises the possibility of reviving frozen humans and introducing them into modern life
  • Here’s what we know:
  1. There are hundreds of frozen corpses in labs and many more in frigid zones around the world
  2. A Russian cryonics expert thinks we are within 50-70 years of being able to revive frozen humans
  3. The ancient roundworms had a characteristic called anabiosis which is a dormant state they went into shutting down their bodily processes to enable them to survive in the harsh Siberian temperatures
  4. This trait allowed them to go in and out of hibernation and it is thought to have made it easier to revive the prehistoric creatures
  5. Because humans do not have the advantage of anabiosis, we will have to wait for tech advances to enable our revival
  6. Specifically, the tech advances would involve tissue engineering and medicine.
  7. Cryonics is low temp freezing and storage of human corpses in the hope of reviving them at some point in the future,
  8. Famous people who have been cryopreserved include baseball immortal Ted Williams and his son John. 
  9. Those planning to be include futurist Ray Kurzweil and Seth Macfarlane.

                                        Source:  Mercedes

  • Mercedes just unveiled its future - the Concept CLA Class that is at the intersection of new digital and electric technologies
  • Here's what we know:
  1. CLA is built on a new architecture, the MMA platform, that will underpin Mercedes future battery-powered vehicles
  2. Range - 466 miles
  3. That range doesn't come close to any Testa at 375 miles
  4. 800 volt charging system that provides 249 miles more range in 15 minutes
  5. Full width super screen across dash
  6. MB.OS operating system for highly advanced infotainment, personalization and interaction
  7. Partially autonomous at SAE Level 2
  8. CLA accelerates the German luxury brand's competition against Tesla
  9. Meanwhile, BMW just unveiled its Vision Neue Classe of EVs this weekend
  10. It's the new architecture of BMW EVS
  • These new BMW & MB EVs are very close to production - within a year - & designed to give Tesla a run for its money.


                                        Source:  Stock

  • This is the first full year of school that ChatGPT is available to students, most teachers know it and are trying to work with it
  • Here's what we know:
  1. 75% of k-12 educators think it's important to show kids how to use AI tools properly
  2. Educator bans on ChatGPT are being revoked
  3. New education uses of ChatGPT are being suggested like:
  4. Using it as a calculator for tedious work
  5. Brainstorming buddy for essay topics
  6. Debate partner to spot flaws in your arguments
  7. Help teachers spot assignments that are too easy.

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