DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist


By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 



                 Source:  Brewster & Win Kane

  • New research by the Royal Veterinary College in the UK has spotted a new trend:  so-called Pandemic puppies bought and raised during the Covid shutdowns and now developing behavioral issues
  • Here are some key findings:
  1. These puppies are developing behavioral problems as their owners resume normal 40+ hour work weeks back at the office, as Covid restrictions ease and the dogs are having to cope with long hours at home alone
  2. The puppies like their owners were involved in Covid lockdowns that greatly restricted family gatherings, friends stopping by and normal dog interactions and socialization with people and other dogs
  3. RSPCA facilities in the UK now are experiencing a significant influx of young Pandemic dogs no longer wanted by their owners
  4. They say their shelters are "overflowing"
  5. During Covid shutdowns, dog ownership in the UK shot up by 1`million
  6. Behavioral problems in the dogs include separation anxiety, stress, fear, phobias and could result in aggressive behavior by some of the dogs
  7. RSPCA expects the issues to increase as these young dogs come of age and approach 2.5 years to 3.7 years
  8. Veterinarians believe that in most cases the problems can be addressed through professional animal trainers and animal behaviorists
  9. These RVC findings are leading edge and will likely be replicated in the US and elsewhere with Pandemic puppies from the Covid restrictions
  • I found this new research very helpful to better understand the impact of societal conditions on dogs like my Win and gorgeous Brewster.



                                        Source:  Stock
  • Earth just recorded its warmest June through August time period in history
  • Simultaneously, for the 5th consecutive month, global ocean surface temperatures have reached record highs
  • Of grave concern, Antarctic sea ice has hit record-smashing lows
  • Here's what we know:
  1. Antarctica has had its 4th consecutive month of record-breaking low amounts of sea ice
  2. Antarctic's sea ice loss is sudden & dramatic - lost in two years what it lost over 3 decades
  3. Why should we care?  Sea ice is crucial to Earth's climate processes, as it insulates the ocean, reflects atmospheric heat, drives currents, sustains animal ecosystems like penguins, seals and whales and more
  4. Global sea ice in August 2023 was 550,000 sq. miles less than the previous record low set in August 2019
  5. NOAA is one of the primary organizations tracking this data
  6. NOAA is now projecting that 2023 will be the #1 or #2 hottest year since records started being kept more than 178 years ago
  7. Scientists are warning the new state of diminishing ice coverage in the Antarctic Sea may be the "new normal" and the melt taking place is "mind blowing".


                         Source:  Lamborghini                                   

  • Lamborghini has debuted its 1st battery-electric car - Lanzador
  • Here's what we know:
  1. Lamborghini has designed and geared this new electric concept to a new generation
  2. Battery electric powertrain that pumps out 1,360 hp performance
  3. Aerospace aerodynamics has influenced the exterior and interior of the car
  4. According to the automaker, "active aero" is present all around the car for dynamic, aerodynamic driving
  5. 23-inch wheels
  6. High ground clearance GT with 2+2 seats
  7. This EV arrives in 2028 and will be a redefining vehicle for the illustrious Italian automotive brand.

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