DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist


By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 


                                                            Source:  South Korean Robots

  • Inexpensive foreign labor has been displacing established workers for years.  Now new, cheaper robots are stealing established robot jobs
  • Here's what we know:
  1. South Korea seems to be at the forefront of robot usage, especially in restaurants and logistics providers
  2. Now, South Korean robots are being replaced by inexpensive Chinese robots
  3. The robo-immigrants are not thought to be more advanced than domestic rebots; they are simply cheaper
  4. Where is human labor in this equation; the South Korean government is reportedly encouraging the transition of low-level manual labor from robots to humans because of cost effectiveness
  5. The use of robots particularly in restaurants and logistics industries is seen as making humans more efficient - it's all about bottom-line efficiencies
  6. In any event, regarding the great labor debate, cost-effectiveness seems to win out whether it's robot vs. man or robot vs. robot.


                                                            Source:  Mini

  • The iconic Mini has a solid future with a major infusion of money and 2 new electric vehicles coming
  • Here's what we know:
  1. Parent company BMW is making major commitments to its iconic brand Mini
  2. $750 million is being invested to build two new electric Mini's
  3. The new Mini's are being built in the UK; which is significant as BMW was seriously considering moving the production to China
  4. Mini, which was created in the UK, will produce solely electric Mini's in the UK by 2029
  5. The 2 new electric Mini will be a 3-door Mini Cooper and a compact crossover Mini Aceman
  6. e-Cooper will be available in 2024 in 2 versions: 184 hp Cooper E and 218 hp Cooper SE
  7. Aceman is an all-electric, crossover SUV 
  8. The EVs have a simple design and upgraded digital interiors, including a large, circular infotainment display in the middle of the dash
  9. Pricing on the e-Cooper starts at $30,000.
  10. BMW purchased Mini in 1994 and now is reaffirming Mini's British roots and electric future.


                                                                    Source:  Dictador

  • In what appears to be a world 1st, Poland-based liquor company Dictador Europe just appointed an AI robot as its experimental CEO
  • Here's what we know:
  1. Dictador's Mika, AI robot, is the world's 1st AI CEO
  2. Rum giant, Columbia-based Dictador hired Mika last September to determine the potentialities of an AI robot as a CEO
  3. Liking what they saw, they just appointed Mika CEO to specifically oversee strategic planning, communications and collectibles for Dictador Europe operations
  4. The appointment is real; Mika will be making company decisions
  5. Mika relies on extensive data analysis to make strategic decisions that align with the company's objectives
  6. Mika says she's devoid of personal biases and makes decisions based on the company's best interests
  7. She is on duty 24/7
  8. Major decisions like firing and hiring are still handled by the human executive team
  9. This is a grand AI experiment and very much a sign of the times.
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