By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 


                            Source: AI & Cancer Stock

  • Microsoft and digital pathology company Paige are partnering to build an AI model to revolutionize cancer detection
  • Here's what we know:
  1. It will be the world's largest image-based AI model to detect & fight cancer
  2. Size and scale of the AI model will be unprecedented
  3. It will contain more data than Netflix and by orders of magnitude more data than anything made public by Google and Facebook
  4. Significant potential to radically change the detection & treatment of cancer
  5. Expected to significantly reduce the number of misdiagnoses that result in 800,000 deaths & disabilities in US yearly
  6. Using Microsoft supercomputers Paige will incorporate 4 million digitized microscopy slides into the system
  7. Until now, systems have been trained on 100,000
  8. The new AI model will be trained on 4 million slides to enable much faster detection and more accurate findings on cancer
  9. This will be the largest oncology model in the world and also the largest computer vision model (publicly announced).


                                            Source:  Stock

  • Need a personal assistant to cook, mow, clean your house and watch your kids:  the humanoid robots are on the way to do that and a lot more
  • Here's what we know and what they can do:
  1. New humanoids are set to roll out in scores of industries
  2. Some examples are households, healthcare, restaurants, home care
  • Some areas of robotic expertise include:
  1. Your personal chef - can be operated by a smartphone and touchscreen to cook gourmet meals
  2. Healthcare assistant - can deliver medications, supplies and monitor patients
  3. Security - can monitor for safety
  4. Mow your lawn
  5. Help the disabled and elderly - can lift them from bed to a wheelchair
  6. Help farmers - can rid crops of insects, plant & harvest crops
  7. Carry your packages, luggage, groceries, etc
  • If you need an assist like Jeeves, the humanoids are on their way and can provide plenty of help.

                                 Source:  VW Concept & ID.7

  • Volkswagen just debuted its ID.X Treffen performance concept in Switzerland 
  • Here's what we know:
  1. All-electric performance sedan with 550 hp
  2. Based on the new ID.7
  3. Elegant, sporty with the lines of a limousine
  4. Very aerodynamic with front splitter, rear diffuser and carbon fiber wing on the trunk
  5. Fast charging capability of 200 kw
  6. All-wheel drive
  7. 20" sports alloy wheels and racing tires
  8. Asynchronous electric motor on front
  9. Synchronous electric motor on back
  10. Driving torque controlled by Vehicle Dynamic Manager through a 6.7" console screen near infotainment screen on dash
  11. This is a hot concept for VW
  12. VW'S ID.7 with 435-mile range is rolling out now in Europe for a starting price of $62,000 and will hit the US in 2024.

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