DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist


By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 


                 Source:  NASA Moon Metals & Resources

  • China, India, Europe, the US and Russia are in an intense space race to be the first to start mining the Moon, because the potential is worth many quadrillions of dollars
  • Here's what we know:
  1. Precious rare metals, frozen water and helium are locked in the surface of the Moon and are estimated to be worth many quadrillions of dollars
  2. An intense competition has erupted among the US, China, India, Russia and Europe to be the 1st to start mining the Moon's surface and stake out the turf as their territory
  3. 400 public and private missions to the Moon are planned between 2022 and 2032
  4. The center of focus is the Moon's south pole where India just landed a spacecraft and the NASA Artemis program will land humans in 2025
  5. Striking claims on the Moon is currently not regulated as international efforts have failed
  6. Some of the rare, precious metals include platinum, palladium, and titanium that is ten-times richer than found on Earth
  7. Many of the lunar metals are valuable for the production of smartphones, electronics, hybrid-electric car batteries, advanced computers and other emerging new technologies
  8. The helium is considered a valuable space fuel source
  9. Frozen water could sustain human settlements on the Moon and is also an ingredient for rocket fuel
  • The Moon holds the potential of tremendous investment value for governments, companies and even individual investors.


                         Source:  Sanctuary AI

  • Geordie Rose, CEO of Sanctuary AI, which is engineering a robot to do household chores, told the BBC that household chore robots may emerge as the biggest global product market ever, given that they will do the laundry & all of the house cleaning we don't want to be bothered with
  • Rose and other robotic experts believe they will be part of our lives within 10 years
  • Here's what we know:
  1. Vancouver-based Sanctuary AI's household robot is called Phoenix
  2. It's an AI-driven robotics system that does all the chores at home that we find tedious, burdensome and boring
  3. It also can work at retail stores performing over 100 tasks, such as tagging, folding and plastic bagging, which is a particularly delicate and difficult task for a robot to do
  4. Sanctuary AI plans to additionally use film to further train its humanoid robot to be more agile and efficient
  5. They're in the process of giving Phoenix a sense of touch in order to better handle objects like plastic bags
  • Phoenix specs:
  1. 5'7" tall
  2. Sensor rich and physically capable
  3. Maximum payload is 55 lbs.
  4. Powered by a pioneering AI control system (called by Sanctuary AI Carbon)
  • Phoenix points to a future where household chores are done by household robots, which would give all of us a nice sigh of relief and some extra time to just enjoy.


  • Mercedes Benz CLA Class is MB's next generation of cars, heralding a series of new models
  • Here's what we know:
  1. Will premier this week, as early as tomorrow, at Munich Motor Show
  2. It's a look at a whole new family of MB cars
  3. Nothing like CLA's in today's showrooms
  4. Rides on new architecture called MMA
  5. Ultraefficient electric powertrain with very long range
  6. New operating system called MB.OS
  • Mercedes will unveil its future generation of models, provide details this week & we'll give you a brief on the latest info.

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