DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist


By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane 



                                                                Source:  Jump Aero

  • Jump Aero's JA1 Pulse is an exciting concept of what future ambulances will be
  • Here's what we know:
  1. Electric vehicle can move at almost 290 mph
  2. JA1 Pulse carries a medical professional along with medical equipment to expedite vital medical care
  3. Resembles a spaceship
  4. Designed to arrive at the emergency within 8 minutes (within 31 miles)
  5. Can reach remote areas
  6. Thought to be the ambulance of the future
  7. eVTOL - takes off and lands vertically
  8. Powered by 8 electric propellers
  9. Unique eVTOL tech called "tail-sitter" design: sits on ground with nose & propellers facing upwards
  10. Vertical takeoff and shifts to horizontal flight for cruising
  11. Much faster than helicopter:  structure between propellers serves as byplane for added speed
  12. Medical professional onboard is also the pilot
  13. Cannot transport patients but can provide vital, quick, emergency medical services until ground ambulance arrives for transport
  14. US Air Force has already invested nearly $4 million in California-based Jump Aero
  15. Prototype is being developed.


                                                    Source:  McDermitt Caldera Crater

  • A huge lithium deposit found in a volcanic crater along the Nevada-Oregon border may be the world's largest and could be a game changer for the US, lithium batteries and EV's
  • Here's what we know:
  1. The lithium discovery in the McDermitt Caldera crater may hold 40 million metric tons of the rare, precious metal, which would be the largest ever
  2. This would break China's monopoly on lithium
  3. Lithium is the critical ingredient for electric vehicle batteries
  4. This finding has the potential to vastly increase the availability of electric cars and significantly decrease their price
  5. America's lithium reserves are only one million metric tons
  6. This lithium discovery strikes gold for the US, upends China's lithium dominance and will have a massive impact on the EV industry and lithium batteries.


                                                Source:  Apple
  • At Apple's big event "Wunderlust", the Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro were finally revealed.
  • Here are some highlights:
  1. New iPhone 15 and 15 Pro debut with Dynamic Island, the animated feature at the top of the screen with contextual information
  2. Comes in more colors:  black, white, yellow, pink & blue
  3. USB-C charging replaces Lightning port for wired charging & connectivity
  4. Brighter display
  5. Bigger battery
  6. Main camera has 48 megapixels for higher res photos and videos and a 2x telephoto zoom
  7. Also new Apple Watch Series 9 with new S9 chip
  8. New Apple Watch Ultra 2
  9. Apple iPhone 15 costs $799. and15 Pro $899.
  • More iPhone 15 info to come from Apple.

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