Hot Flying Taxi Lilium of Germany

 Lilium Flying Taxis Establishing a Florida Network

Source:  Lilium

Hailing A Taxi Ride in the Sky

Germany's Lilium flying taxis are spreading their electric wings in US skies.  Lilium is establishing, what it calls, a vertiport for operations in Orlando, Florida.  And it is also receiving interest and support from government officials in Palm Beach County, Florida to provide flying taxi service between Palm Beach and Miami.  It would cut the travel time from an hour and a half to twenty minutes.  Lilium is one of the hottest e-VTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) vehicles in the world.  It is working to first establish a Florida network for e-VTOL taxi service in the US.  Lilium is partnering with Spain-based Ferrovial, that develops and maintains airports like Heathrow in London, to roll out US operations. Lilium's target launch markets are Florida and Germany. Operations will launch in 2024.

Cutting Edge Aviation Innovation

Lilium is at the cutting edge of aviation technology.  The e-VTOL has 36 electric engines or duct fans and 4 serrated wings.  When the fans are positioned vertically, the vehicle lifts off and lands like a helicopter.  It can also hover like a helicopter.  The aircraft propels forward when the fans are placed in a horizontal position.  It is developing an e-VTOL with the capacity to carry 7 passengers and a 155 mile range on a charge.  The company says the vehicle is 50% quieter than a small, single aisle jet.  

Costs $1 Per Mile

Concerning Florida operations, Lilium and Ferrovial want to establish vertiports in Miami, the Florida Keys, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Melbourne, Fort Myers, along with Orlando. Lilium says they intend to price their tickets at $1.00 per mile.  In the case of Palm Beach to Miami, a one-way fare would cost $100 per passenger.  Lilium is ushering in a brand new form of travel. For a comprehensive look at future travel vehicles, go to


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