AI Israeli Style

Sherlock Holmes with AI

Israel is a global center of innovation in a number of sectors, including 3D Printing, cancer research and Artificial Intelligence.  Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are putting AI to work to predict, deter and fight crime.  It's fascinating research developing AI innovation that could be highly beneficial to fight crime globally.  You might call the program "Sherlock Holmes empowered by artificial intelligence."

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev- Israeli Police AI Program

Israeli researchers are using AI tools, incorporating advanced cyber and big data, to predict and prevent crime.  They believe they're on the threshold of the next big crime-fighting breakthrough.  Specifically, analyzing big data to uncover patterns that result in crime prediction and prevention.  It's an AI pre-emptive strike on crime.

University Center for Computational Criminology

The University just launched the Center for Computational Criminology.  The Center Director Prof. Lior Rokach told The Jerusalem Post:  "the AI revolution will prove to be even more significant than DNA testing for law enforcement, providing them with unprecedented investigative tools and new sources of evidence."

Academic-Police AI Teaming

University researchers and police are working side by side to develop new AI and machine learning tools for crime fighting.  The tools will be used to combat cybercrime, which is accelerating globally and traditional crime.

Ben-Gurion is a recognized international leader in cybersecurity and big data.


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