Swimming Robots

How's this for a dream vacation?  You're in a tropical resort and diving underwater with cutting edge robotic geer.   Your swimming robot is video recording the marine life and ocean surrounding you.  Later, from your boat, you launch the swimming robot with imbedded cameras into the sea to glide along to places you can't reach.  The robotic tech live streams, video-recorded images.  You and your ship mates enjoy the oceanographic display above water.  It's possible and has just been developed.

FIFISH P3 - Swimming, Video Recording Robotic Innovation

FIFISH P3 is an underwater explorer drone with highly advanced video, video streaming and photographic capabilities.  It can record high quality video and highly professional photographs at depths up to 328 feet.  QYSEA of Shenzhen, China developed FIFISH.  They call it the first truly professional underwater robot.  And it's an award winner.  It's the recipient of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 Innovation Award.  

Smart Phone Operational

Novice and professional divers/photographers easily operate FIFISH.  It's a remote controlled drone,  And, its remote control unit handily works with smart phones and tablets.  The swimming robotic videographer smoothly maneuvers in 6 directions.  That allows it to explore almost any underwater area up to 328 feet.

Lights Up the Sea

FIFISH is lightweight and compact.  It has a wide camera angle with a 162 degree field of view.  The explorer drone is equipped with 4000 lumen LED lighting capacity.  So, even in dark water the video is bright and clear.

Automatic Cruise Control

FIFISH P3 is propelled forward by 3 thrusters at a speed up to 4.2 feet per second.  It also has automatic cruise control.  Its rechargeable battery runs for  2 hours.  And its sensors are 4 times bigger than typical underwater sensors.   

This gives new meaning to swimming robots and robot vacations.


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