Important Innovations Addressing World's Most Pressing Needs

Important Innovations Impacting Global Needs

On Wednesday May 16, 2018, we will blog our first news post on important new innovation addressing the world's most pressing needs.  Every Wednesday thereafter, we'll provide similar posts to detail the innovation solutions to globally pressing issues.  These will be presented in a very understandable and accessible manner.

Some of the global needs and breakthrough innovations designed to solve them include:

  • Feeding the world's burgeoning population
  • Climate Change
  • Dwindling supplies of clean water and arable land
  • Disease cures and treatments
  • Environmentally clean and autonomous transportation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Breakthrough robotics
  • Technological journeys to space and other planets

As journalists, we strongly believe in the importance of clearly communicating the issues that humanity faces and the exciting innovations designed to make our world a better place.

We will also on regular basis blog lists of the most exciting and important innovations emerging across the full spectrum of disciplines.  Our posts and lists will deliver to you innovation information we all want to know and discuss.

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