Back-flipping Robots

Atlas, the Acrobat Robot with Purpose

Atlas can backflip and do half-turn jumps.  It's an amazingly agile athlete and acrobat.  Boston Dynamics created Atlas.  It's the latest in their series of highly advanced humanoid robots.  Boston Dynamics works with DARPA, the US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA's mission is to provide the US military with overwhelming technological advantages including robotic. The company calls Atlas, the world's most dynamic robot. 
Back-flipping and On a Mission

Atlas is designed to operate in emergency and disaster situations.  For instance, going into buildings leveled by bombing or earthquakes to search for signs of life.  It's primary purpose is to help the military and first responders stay our of harms way.  In dynamic military and emergency situations, robotic flexibility and agility such as backflips and jumps are keys to mission success.  Atlas can do all of that.

Humanoid Jumping Robot

Atlas is 4.9 feet tall and 165 pounds.  Its control system coordinates the motions of its arms, legs and torso to achieve overall body mobility.  It uses Lidar, the laser and sensor survey method, and stereo vision to navigate its surroundings.  It's dexterous and balanced.  Atlas can leap between raised platforms, do a 180 degree turn mid-air and backflip off platforms.

3D Printed Jumping, Back-flipper

Atlas has 3D printed hardware.  It's compact with high strength to weight ratio.  Stereo vision, range sensing and other sensors allow it to manipulate objects in its environment.  And it keeps its balance when knocked or pushed.  Atlas is rugged and its advanced technology allow it to function in rugged terrain.  Atlas is designed for action.


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